What Are the Different Types of Promotional Lanyards?

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Promotional lanyards now are popular applied in life and work. Most of companies use them to promote their companies for brand awareness and enhancement. Lanyards come in many different varieties. The goal is to help companies advertise while providing functionality to the recipient. Printed lanyards typically are labeled by the type of attachment they have, such as a badge clip, swivel hook, key ring, or safety buckles.

The physical strap of promotional lanyards is made of several different types of material. Options for strap material include polyester, cotton, and nylon. These materials allow for comfort while the lanyards are worn around an individual’s neck. And lanyards can be customized ranging from materials, length, colors, sizes and designs as the requirement of clients geared to their purpose.

Badge clip attachments for promotional lanyards are popular options for corporations and organizations. They utilize this attachment to help display employee or visitor badges. Using printed lanyards with a badge clip allows for security personnel and others to easily identify employees and visitors. In addition, lanyards are very practical especially when attending the formal conference or fair for the purpose of identification. Today lanyards have become indispensable part in daily life for different purposes.

The swivel hook allows for an attachment to swivel completely around the lanyard attachment. A clasp that can hold a corporate employee badge or a set of keys attaches to the lanyard via a swivel mechanism. The mechanism can be plastic or metal and has a section that can be pushed inward to remove keys, badges, and other attachments from the hook.

Lanyards with key ring attachments are another common type of promotional lanyards. These printed lanyards specifically hold keys and work well for specific giveaways and purposes. Key ring lanyards are perfect for employees with access to building keys and can also work well for college promotions for new dormitory residents.

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