There are many uses for pre-printed lanyards

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Lanyards come in a wide range of materials, colors, styles, and attachments. One style of lanyards is the pre-printed variety. Pre-printed lanyards are a simple, convenient and cost-effective solution to customization, without the added cost of custom printing. Pre-printed lanyards are used for a wide range of purposes and may, therefore, apply to many different industries. 
Pre-printed lanyards are great additions to any educational institution. In this industry, pre-printed lanyards serve as the first line of defense against outsiders who do not have permission to be on the premises. Pre-printed lanyards are created in options that read “students” and “staff”, as well as “volunteer” and “visitor.” These words are printed in clear lettering along the length of the lanyard. With a pre-printed lanyard helping to identify people by the purpose they serve, and ID cards further confirming the fact, anyone on campus will feel safe. Also, these lanyards can easily be reused in certain situations. For example, “visitor” and “volunteer” pre-printed lanyards can be returned to the school when the person has concluded his or her time in 
Pre-printed lanyards also serve a very important purpose in industries that promote a cause. For example pre-printed lanyards are readily available in pink colors with pink ribbons printed directly on them to bring awareness to breast cancer research. Other health causes ribbons include: red to signify Aids/ HIV awareness and orange to bring attention to leukemia, while lavender ribbons specify cancer in general. Pre-printed lanyards are also used to champion causes such as environmental justice, child abuse prevention and religious tolerance. One other significant area in which pre-printed lanyards have been popular is in expressing patriotism. Patriotic pre-printed lanyards come with Stars and Stripes and “Support Our Troops” messages. 
Whether you are using pre-printed lanyards to champion a health cause, identify people or prevent accidents in dark environments, they are a great alternative to custom printing. The pre-printed lanyards are cost-effective as they can be re-used and shared among employees. 

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