Lanyards Clips Keep Changing

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Lanyards are such popularly used items that almost everyone breathing has in one way or another seen or received one as a promotional give-away. In fact, they are becoming the standard for carrying identification badges needed in a number of different venues where security is a concern. Additionally, they make handy tools for keeping certain personal items easy to find such as an important set of keys.
The interesting point about lanyards is they keep improving, or at least changing, through the years. One area that has seen this change is the lanyard clip. Today, there are a variety of clips with the O-ring being the most commonly popular. The O-ring can be easily attached and removed. It is easy to use hanging your car keys sitting on one end of a split connector while the lanyard remains sitting around your neck. Other lanyards come with a standard bulldog clip – a jaw-like clamp that is used to hold a name tag or ID badge. It can also be use in conjunction with a swivel snap hook that allows for a nit more comfort when wearing a badge. Some lanyards are built with a retractable feature when the ID badge is also used as a key access card to enter through an electronically programmed door. Others use the retractable lanyard to hang traditional lock keys. The retractable lanyard allows use of the hanging or attached item without having to remove it from the cord. The breakaway clip at the end of the back if a lanyard helps provide additional security and safety. This prevents injury in the event any force is applied pulling at the attached item so I will quickly be released. Safety conscious individuals will benefit from this type of strap. With safety and security priority concerns today, breakaway clips are becoming part of the standard lanyard design.

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